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Spoontang Kitchen has been featured in Top Ten Most Talented Food Bloggers in the USA by The Culture Trip and Cooking With Facebook: 5 Accounts to Follow for Incredible Video Recipes by Vogue Magazine.

I'm Taylor. Thirty. I've recently graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan and externed at Dirt Candy on the Lower East Side. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan (with a thing for lakeshores and mix tapes) and now live on the Upper East Side. When I'm not cooking, I'm a creative writer. I've been published in The Albion Review and Squalorly and I have a piece in the October issue of Bird's Thumb literary magazine.

What is this? Think of this blog as one part portfolio and three parts sketchbook. It's a diary of my time in culinary school, recipes tried and techniques perfected. Mistakes made and, hopefully, lessons learned.

It’s easy to fall into not questioning the nine-to-five lifestyle. Every morning at seven o’clock I turned off the alarm, pulled on a pencil skirt and smoothed out the wrinkles, and shoved a banana in my computer bag. As an administrative assistant for an engineering firm in the midwest, I was well-paid and frequently without tasks. My computer screen flipped from Outlook to Saveur more often than my boss took coffee breaks. On lunches, I ate turkey sandwiches and sparse salads, leaning over my keyboard and salivating at titles like Ramp Gnocchi with Brown Butter. At the end of lunch, I shook the crumbs out of my keyboard and crumpled up the brown bag. Back to work.

But on a Wednesday afternoon, something changed. My Facebook feed was filled with photos of laughing babies and Pinterest-perfect homes. I had gotten an invitation to my ten-year high school reunion. Thirty. Age thirty was coming faster than I could consider and here I am, still in my hometown, still dreaming of something more. Something else. Something parmesan and herbs, romesco and lime and salt and -

I applied that afternoon to the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The packages of information arrived quickly and I hungrily ate them up. Glossy catalogs and magazines detailing the core curriculum of the nine month program. I winced while signing the financial aid package and signed on the dotted line for the October start date. Official. I was enrolled. And now that I've earned that giant chef's hat on my head - I want to share with you and teach you how to cook!

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